May 7th 2005: [primary] [mirror]: nominal run at test site
May 7th 2005: [primary] [mirror]: small oops at test site
May 8th 2005: [primary] [mirror]: uneven terrain
May 12th 2005: [primary] [mirror]: Darpa Site visit (3 flawless runs)
June 11th 2005: [primary] [mirror]: Raising Dust
June 11th 2005: [primary] [mirror]: Underside of vehicle
June 11th 2005: [primary] [mirror]: Close up shot of wheels while moving
June 18th 2005: [primary] [mirror]: Kubota vs TerraHawk vibration
June 18th 2005: [primary] [mirror]: Some Rough terrain at test site
June 18th 2005: [primary] [mirror]: A small hill at test site
General Overview of TerraHawk and its capabilities: pdf flash
Sensor Processing on TerraHawk: pdf flash